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While your team is busy supervising, checking, co-ordinating and synchronizing the overall project, we make sure that attention is also paid to the economic part of the business. We continuously compare your target figures with the actual output. Any discrepancies are recorded and promptly notified. Paying persistent attention on deadlines completes our Contract Management.

A company got a lead management contract for a very large building from the public sector. This company passed on the order for the electrical equipment to another big company, which, in return, passed on the order to several electricians as subcontractors for parts of the initial order.

The coordination had been done by a bunch of engineering firms, which, in return, hired different engineers.

ProfitProcess was hired to support one of the many electricians (sole proprietorship) and to pay special attention to Contract Management. First, we analyzed the highly complicated contract.

Our special attention was given to deadlines, forms that had to be used, rules for registering etc.

We made a chronological priority list regarding expiry dates of contradictory terms. In this way, ProfitProcess ensured the drawing up of supplements and invoices in due course.

Delays in the proceedings were promptly reported and notified and we saw to it that preliminary work of other parties involved in the project was done in due course as well. In spite of the highly complicated components of this project, it was carried out successfully.

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