Contract analysis

A contract is some kind of a puzzle in which many parts must be put together. We make this puzzle comprehensible for your technically-orientated staff in the office as well as on the building site.

A thorough analysis of contracts is essential for a successful Contract Management and Claim Management.
Those contracts often consist of many components, i.e.

  • The initial offer and the memorandum of negotiation
  • General contract terms and conditions
  • Additional contract terms and conditions
  • Technical contract terms and conditions
  • Technical drawings

Additionally, there are several laws, rules and norms which have to be obeyed. Orders placed by public authorities have special standards, such as the German VOB/B and VOB/C.

Contradictions as well as unclear expressions in the contracts are almost unavoidable and there is also the fact that the content of contracts is mainly seen from the legal point of view, therefore difficult to understand for technicians.

To translate those contracts into understandable ones, we revise all relevant parts for practical usage.

Obeying the rules and laws is the main emphasis here because a disregard may lead to a loss of legal rights.
A crucial part is taking all the necessary steps in case of things don’t run trouble-free, e.g. preparing notice of obstruction and /or notice of reservation, compensation claims, follow-up costs, deadline extension.

The following workshop or training helps your team to get familiar with the special features of each contract and provides your team with all information to handle even fastidious contracts at ease.

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