Contract Management

While supervising, checking, co-ordinating and synchronizing of the whole project demands the full attention of your team, we make sure that attention is also paid to the economic side.

We continuously compare your target figures with the actual output. Any discrepancies are recorded and promptly notified.

Paying persistent attention to deadlines completes our Contract Management.

Especially at “crunch times” your team is extremely busy managing the deployment of staff, solving technical problems, co-ordinating subcontractors, adjusting everything and sorting out unsettled questions.
Naturally, the paperwork is stacked and the typical tasks of Contract Management are on hold as well.

A contract usually consists of certain “semantics”, i.e. agreements about deadlines for additional costs and supplements.
And, of course, you will find information in the contract about the legal procedures regarding notice of reservation – and/or notice of obstruction.

Acting in violation of the terms of the contract results in losing your validity of a claim. The time factor is crucial here, the non-compliance of deadlines often prevents implementation of claims.

We help to lighten your team’s workload by taking on the administrative part of the job.

We see to it that notice of obstruction is reported promptly and legally correct so that you are in a position to substantiate your claims precisely.
Notice of reservation is professionally documented and reported. 
Notice with regard to falling behind deadlines is dealt with right on time.

We constantly compare target figures with the actual state of progress.

The accurate and ongoing listing of discrepancies regarding efficiency as well as the detailed description of what has caused the discrepancies are the key to every successful Claim Management.

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