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Changes in completion dates and obstructions due to overlapping work on the building site often lead to delays in the proceedings. Changes made after signing the contract complicate things even more.

These changes justify claims for reimbursement and deadline extensions.

To safeguard your legal rights is our job at Claim Management.

An electrical sole proprietor received an order as a subcontractor from a lead management syndicate to do the cabling in a new factory. This order had to be executed under extreme time pressure and on top of that the plans were incomplete and in parts not up to date.

Furthermore, preliminary work was rarely finished on time.

Prior importance was given to meeting the deadline. It was quite often working on “red alert”. Naturally, formalities, i.e. notice of obstruction, bills of quantities, signed proofs about working hours became irrelevant.

At the end, there was a big payment dispute…

At this point ProfitProcess was hired to do some Claim Management. After a thorough analysis of the contract and the entire correspondence we listed all additional costs and claimed for supplement in a contract-complying way.

Then those figures were compared with the opposing claims.

A lawyer, specialized in building law, was hired and ProfitProcess did the coordination work. During the following negotiations an out-of-court composition was agreed upon.

A large amount of money was finally refunded with the help of ProfitProcess.

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